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Welcome to Global Studies

As interactions between states, societies, and cultures increase, so too do the responses to these interactions multiply. The Global Studies major allows students to explore such interactions and their outcomes. By bringing in both historical and contemporary material, the major provides students with the tools that they need in order to make sense of the world in which they live—as well as understanding how it got to be that way. Students pursuing an undergraduate degree in global studies will engage in thinking critically about how global change has (and can) come about during the course of their lifetimes.

The major aims to have students focus on relevant issues to them in a way that provides intellectual flexibility. The major will offer solid training in how to use acquired knowledge to become agents of positive change on the global issues that matter most to people here, and elsewhere around the world.

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    “Let us practice what we preach and address globalization as if it truly is the inevitable epoch that our prophets and commercial cannons predict it will be. Pushing the limits of what is thinkable, interdisciplinary undergraduate education — rooted in strong critical focus — may be our best shot at imagining a more cooperative humanity that tolerates and incorporates diversity rather than rejecting it as systematically ‘other.’”

    –Conner Smith, Daily Californian